Virtual List View

Request that the server return a subset of the full search results. Unlike the PagedResultControl, this control allows for moving forward and backward in the result set. See LDAP Extensions for Scrolling View Browsing of Search Results.

Using the Virtual List View Client

ConnectionFactory cf = new DefaultConnectionFactory("ldap://");
VirtualListViewClient client = new VirtualListViewClient(
  new SortKey[] {
    new SortKey("uid", "caseExactMatch"),
    new SortKey("givenName", "caseIgnoreMatch")});
SearchRequest request = new SearchRequest("dc=ldaptive,dc=org","(givenName=d*)", "cn", "sn");
SearchResponse response = client.execute(request, new VirtualListViewParams(0, 0, 4)); // get the first 5 entries
// examine the response and then execute another search
response = client.execute(request, new VirtualListViewParams(5, 0, 4), response); // get the next 5 entries