Persistent Search

Request that the server keep a search operation open and send changes to the client. See A Simple LDAP Change Notification Mechanism.

Using the Persistent Search Client

ConnectionFactory cf = new DefaultConnectionFactory("ldap://");
// only return changed entries, return the entry change control
PersistentSearchClient client = new PersistentSearchClient(cf, EnumSet.allOf(PersistentSearchChangeType.class), true, true);
SearchRequest request = SearchRequest.objectScopeSearchRequest("dc=ldaptive,dc=org");
client.setOnEntry(e -> {
  // process an entry
  EntryChangeNotificationControl nc = (EntryChangeNotificationControl) e.getControl(
client.setOnResult(r -> {
  // search complete
client.setOnException(e -> {
  // handle exception
SearchOperationHandle handle = client.send(request);
// wait until result is received