Release Notes

Version 1.2.4 - 18Jan2019

Issue Description
ldaptive-144 Incorrect JNDI base DN escaping.
ldaptive-140 Passivator orphans connections.
ldaptive-138 Escape control characters in auth logs.
ldaptive-136 Clean up thread-local used in ThreadLocalTLSSocketFactory.
ldaptive-135 Simple type conversion does not support Object wrappers.
ldaptive-131 PasswordPolicyControl ambiguous graceAuthNsRemaining.

Version 1.2.3 - 04Oct2017

Issue Description
ldaptive-127 Add CertificateHostnameVerifier property to SslConfig.

Version 1.2.2 - 21Jul2017

Issue Description
ldaptive-125 Add support for authentication request handling
ldaptive-123 Add support for SessionTrackingControl
ldaptive-121 Fix algorithm handling for CompareAuthenticationHandler

Version 1.2.1 - 22Nov2016

Issue Description
ldaptive-119 Incorrect DN backslash escaping in JNDI provider
ldaptive-117 Incorrect equals implementation

Version 1.2.0 - 26Jul2016

Issue Description
ldaptive-111 Add passwordAttribute property to CompareAuthenticationHandler
ldaptive-107 Support resolving Credential property from a resource
ldaptive-106 Fix incorrect logging in AggregateDnResolver
ldaptive-101 Update CaseChangeEntryHandler to support specific attributes
ldaptive-99 Fix potential ClassNotFoundException in JNDI provider with SSLSocketFactory
ldaptive-96 Update LDAPI package, now available in maven central
ldaptive-89 Allow configuration of return attributes on the Authenticator
ldaptive-75 ConnectionStrategy interface moved to the base package
ldaptive-74 ActiveDirectoryAuthenticationHandler updated to use msDS-UserPasswordExpiryTimeComputed
ldaptive-71 Snapshots are published to maven-repo
ldaptive-64 Refactor DnResolver to use User object
ldaptive-61 Refactor JSON package to use GSON
ldaptive-60 Use new java.time API instead of Calendar
ldaptive-59 Use Java 8 base64 implementation
ldaptive-58 Use Duration instead of int or long
ldaptive-57 Add FreeIPA authentication response handler
ldaptive-56 Add support for Spring extensible namespaces to the beans package

Version 1.1.0 - 09Oct2015

Issue Description
ldaptive-53 Add minimumQueryTermLength to AbstractServletSearchTemplatesExecutor
ldaptive-52 Remove TLSSocketFactory#hostnameVerifier
ldaptive-50 Add support for specific attribute names in DefaultLdapEntryManager
ldaptive-46 EDirectory authentication response handler should support an expiration window
ldaptive-45 Can not set default sort behavior with a JVM switch
ldaptive-44 BindAuthenticationHandler throws for most result codes
ldaptive-43 EDirectoryAuthenticationResponseHandler prefers warning to error
ldaptive-41 PasswordPolicyAuthenticationResponseHandler prefers warning to error
ldaptive-39 Add cipher suites/protocol support to the UnboundIDProvider
ldaptive-37 Make AbstractConnectionPool#isInitialized public
ldaptive-36 JNDI DN Formating
ldaptive-34 DefaultLdapEntryManager find implementation is broken
ldaptive-33 Entry mapper implementations are not generified
ldaptive-31 Schema parsing does not support empty DESC
ldaptive-29 Add resolvedDN to the authentication response
ldaptive-28 Add ldaptive namespace for Spring extensible XML
ldaptive-25 Add ldaptive support for following referrals
ldaptive-23 JNDI only returns first referral URL
ldaptive-20 SpringLdapEntryMapper doesn’t map byte array correctly
ldaptive-19 Improve pool log levels
ldaptive-16 Support Java 7 try-with-resources
ldaptive-14 Providers shouldn’t detect binary attributes
ldaptive-7 Add entry resolver that leverages the authorization identity control
ldaptive-5 Add support for resolving LDAP servers via SRV DNS records

Version 1.0.6 - 27Feb2015

Issue Description
ldaptive-27 Webapp should escape HTML in attribute values
ldaptive-24 ThreadLocalTLSSocketFactory not reinitialized by JNDI
ldaptive-21 AggregateDnResolver uses incorrect class in it’s AuthenticationHandler
ldaptive-14 Detection of binary attributes
ldaptive-9 Add an entry handler for the AD primary group attribute

Version 1.0.5 - 24Oct2014

Issue Description
ldaptive-230 Add support for the authorization identity control
ldaptive-229 BER lengths are decoded as signed 2s complement
ldaptive-228 Add support for parsing ASN1 distinguished names
ldaptive-227 Default hostname verifier should not parse hostname as a string
ldaptive-225 AggregateDnResolver blocks forever
ldaptive-224 Refactored SearchEntryResolver to support subtree searches
ldaptive-223 Added support for binaryAttributes property in the UnboundID provider

Version 1.0.4 - 02Jul2014

Issue Description
ldaptive-219 fix ClassCastException for SearchReferences with sorted results
ldaptive-218 support transcoder in @Attribute annotation
ldaptive-216 add name property to connection pools
ldaptive-215 refactor ConnectionStrategy from an enum to an interface
ldaptive-214 connection pool initialization failures should propagate out
ldaptive-211 generate java POJOs from LDAP schema
ldaptive-206 add LDAPI support
ldaptive-160 add bean persistence support

Version 1.0.3 - 01Apr2014

Issue Description
ldaptive-213 fix JNDI format DN for directories that treat baseDn differently
ldaptive-212 aggregrate trust manager should allow any
ldaptive-210 add value transcoder for UUID
ldaptive-209 LdifReader throws on mixed values
ldaptive-208 add schema support classes
ldaptive-205 add support for password expiration warnings in Active Directory

Version 1.0.2 - 22Nov2013

Issue Description
ldaptive-200 add failfast property for pool initialization
ldaptive-199 provide blocking queue based search executor for memory constrained searching
ldaptive-197 allow for selecting a specific alias when using KeyStores in SSL
ldaptive-196 provide capacity controls for classes that use blocking queues
ldaptive-195 provide an enum for static return attribute values
ldaptive-194 expose attribute value encoding methods on SearchFilter
ldaptive-193 fix concurrent modification exception in recursive entry handler
ldaptive-191 escape user input in FormatDnResolver
ldaptive-183 add support for the persitent search request control (draft-ietf-ldapext-psearch-03)
ldaptive-178 add support for the proxied authorization control (RFC 4370)
ldaptive-177 expose the authentication request in authentication criteria
ldaptive-176 provide support for encoding and decoding of Active Directory unicodePwd attribute

Version 1.0.1 - 01July2013

Issue Description
ldaptive-172 allow adding of search entry handlers to search entry resolvers
ldaptive-171 search servlet should check for empty query
ldaptive-170 add bind passivator implementation
ldaptive-169 update unboundid sdk version (2.3.4)
ldaptive-168 update apache ldap api version (1.0.0-M18)
ldaptive-167 add support for parsing Generalized Time attributes
ldaptive-166 update ObjectGuidHandler and ObjectSidHandler to support any attribute in that format
ldaptive-162 update unboundid sdk version (2.3.3)
ldaptive-161 update apache ldap api version (1.0.0-M17)
ldaptive-159 is/set method properties not supported by the property invoker
ldaptive-157 property source should not overwrite provider config settings unless data was found
ldaptive-156 add ability to create credential config from preexisting credentials
ldaptive-150 NullPointerException thrown by BlockingConnectionPool#toString() if invoked before #initialize()
ldaptive-149 add support for client side syncing of LDAP entries with a MergeOperation
ldaptive-148 add support for creating X509CredentialConfig from a PEM encoded String
ldaptive-146 using sorted attributes with multiple binary values causes a ClassCastException

Version 1.0 - 15March2013

Initial Release