Class LdapRoleAuthorizationModule

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    public class LdapRoleAuthorizationModule
    extends AbstractLoginModule
    Provides a JAAS authentication hook into LDAP roles. No authentication is performed in this module. Role data is set for the login name in the shared state or for the name returned by the CallbackHandler.
    • Field Detail

      • roleFilter

        private String roleFilter
        Ldap filter for role searches.
      • roleAttribute

        private String[] roleAttribute
        Role attribute to add to role data.
      • noResultsIsError

        private boolean noResultsIsError
        Whether failing to find any roles should raise an exception.
      • roleResolverFactory

        private RoleResolverFactory roleResolverFactory
        Factory for creating role resolvers with JAAS options.
      • roleResolver

        private RoleResolver roleResolver
        To search for roles.
      • searchRequest

        private SearchRequest searchRequest
        Search request to use for roles.
    • Constructor Detail

      • LdapRoleAuthorizationModule

        public LdapRoleAuthorizationModule()