Class UnicodePwdAttribute

  • public class UnicodePwdAttribute
    extends LdapAttribute
    Helper class for the active directory unicodePwd attribute. Configures a binary attribute of that name and allows setting of the attribute value using a string. See UnicodePwdValueTranscoder.
    • Constructor Detail

      • UnicodePwdAttribute

        public UnicodePwdAttribute()
        Default constructor.
      • UnicodePwdAttribute

        public UnicodePwdAttribute​(String... values)
        Creates a new unicode pwd attribute.
        values - of this attribute
    • Method Detail

      • getStringValues

        public Collection<String> getStringValues()
        Description copied from class: LdapAttribute
        Returns the values of this attribute as strings. Binary data is base64 encoded. The return collection cannot be modified.
        getStringValues in class LdapAttribute
        collection of string attribute values
      • addStringValues

        public void addStringValues​(String... value)
        Description copied from class: LdapAttribute
        Adds the supplied string as a value for this attribute.
        addStringValues in class LdapAttribute
        value - to add, null values are discarded