Class AggregateEntryResolver

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    public class AggregateEntryResolver
    extends Object
    implements EntryResolver
    Used in conjunction with an AggregateDnResolver to resolve an entry. In particular, the resolved DN is expected to be of the form: label:DN where the label indicates the entry resolver to use. This class only invokes one entry resolver that matches the label found on the DN.
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      • logger

        protected final Logger logger
        Logger for this class.
    • Constructor Detail

      • AggregateEntryResolver

        public AggregateEntryResolver()
        Default constructor.
      • AggregateEntryResolver

        public AggregateEntryResolver​(Map<String,​EntryResolver> resolvers)
        Creates a new aggregate entry resolver.
        resolvers - entry resolvers
    • Method Detail

      • getEntryResolvers

        public Map<String,​EntryResolver> getEntryResolvers()
        Returns the entry resolvers to aggregate over.
        map of label to entry resolver
      • setEntryResolvers

        public void setEntryResolvers​(Map<String,​EntryResolver> resolvers)
        Sets the entry resolvers to aggregate over.
        resolvers - to set
      • addEntryResolver

        public void addEntryResolver​(String label,
                                     EntryResolver resolver)
        Adds an entry resolver with the supplied label.
        label - of the resolver
        resolver - entry resolver
      • resolve

        public LdapEntry resolve​(AuthenticationCriteria criteria,
                                 AuthenticationHandlerResponse response)
                          throws LdapException
        Description copied from interface: EntryResolver
        Attempts to find the LDAP entry for the supplied authentication criteria and authentication handler response. The connection available in the response should not be closed in this method.
        Specified by:
        resolve in interface EntryResolver
        criteria - authentication criteria used to perform the authentication
        response - produced by the authentication handler
        ldap entry
        LdapException - if an LDAP error occurs