Package org.ldaptive

Class AbstractMessage.ControlParser

  • Enclosing class:

    protected static class AbstractMessage.ControlParser
    extends Object
    Parses a buffer containing an LDAP control.
    • Field Detail


        private static final DERPath CRITICAL_PATH
        DER path to criticality.
      • OID_PATH

        private static final DERPath OID_PATH
        DER path to OID.
      • VALUE_PATH

        private static final DERPath VALUE_PATH
        DER path to value.

        private static final DERPath ALT_VALUE_PATH
        DER path to alternate value.
      • parser

        private final DERParser parser
        Parser for decoding LDAP controls.
      • critical

        private Boolean critical
        Control criticality.
      • oid

        private String oid
        Control oid.
      • value

        private DERBuffer value
        Control value.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ControlParser

        public ControlParser()
        Creates a new control parser.
    • Method Detail

      • parse

        public void parse​(DERBuffer buffer)
        Examines the supplied buffer and parses an LDAP control if one is found.
        buffer - to parse
      • getCritical

        public Optional<Boolean> getCritical()
        Returns the control criticality.
        criticality or empty
      • getOid

        public Optional<String> getOid()
        Returns the control oid.
        control oid or empty
      • getValue

        public Optional<DERBuffer> getValue()
        Returns the control value.
        control value or empty